In Safe Hands

Our Commitment to You

At Care Connection, we understand the challenges of the health and social care sector. We recognise that reliable, quality candidates are essential in providing consistent, high-quality care.

That is why we subject all our temporary workers to a rigorous screening process, to assess their suitability before we place them with any of our clients.

This process includes:

  • A series of interviews and briefings to fully explain their duties and responsibilities.
  • Obtaining DBS checks and references.
  • Undergoing Induction Training to ensure they are fully health and safety compliant.

When seeking references, our teams are thorough. We will seek information on the following to give you peace of mind and reassurance that our candidates are right for the role:

  • Period of employment
  • Duties
  • Ability
  • General appearance
  • Standard of work
  • Type of work undertaken
  • Special skills or prior use of equipment/healthcare tools
  • Time keeping
  • Attitude to work
  • Reason for leaving employment
  • Any safeguarding concerns
  • Other relevant information

Our branches are equipped with training facilities to provide both practical and theoretical assessment of our candidates to ensure they meet with our clients' high standards. Unlike other care agencies, our training rooms are fully equipped with profile beds, hoists, small aids, etc., allowing us to undertake all our training on site and to continually observe candidates throughout the full interview and induction process.

Our professional recruitment consultants will guide our candidates through the entire process, to make life easier for you. As part of the induction, we will provide a thorough overview of key processes such as office and on call contact information, conduct at work and communication, reporting and recording requirements, health & safety information, time sheet procedure, working time regulations and payment details.


Our Contracts

At Care Connection, we have a contract for services (not employment) with all our temporary workers. We will pay an agreed hourly rate to the worker for all authenticated time sheets submitted and be responsible for the deduction of NI, PAYE and other deductions. The contract also explains working time regulations relating to paid annual leave, rest periods and working hours and rules of acceptance of any assignment.

Our clients can rest assured that their workers have been fully briefed on the nature of the position and their responsibilities.

These include:

  • The temporary worker must co-operate with the client's staff and accept the direction, supervision and instruction of any responsible person in the client's organisation
  • Rules and regulations relating to the client's workplace must be obeyed
  • Unless prior arrangements are agreed, temporary workers must conform to the client’s normal hours of work
  • The temporary worker must take all reasonable steps to safeguard their own safety and the safety of any other person who may be present or affected by their actions on the assignment and comply with the health & safety policy of the client
  • They must NOT engage in any conduct detrimental to the interests of the client


So, if you are looking for a trusted partner for your temporary care staffing needs, please get in touch.

With Care Connection, you are always in safe hands.