These FAQs aim to provide clear and comprehensive answers to help clients understand the services and support offered by Care Connection, facilitating informed decision-making and fostering trust in our care staffing solutions.

For any specific questions regarding your care staffing needs, please contact local branch. You can find details here: Branches - Care Connection - a part of The Best Connection Group.

1. What services does Care Connection provide for healthcare providers and organisations?

Care Connection provides a wide range of services for our clients. We provide temporary and permanent care and support workers to cover holiday, last minute absence and long-term sick. We also provide other roles such as domestics and kitchen staff, chefs and managers. We are happy to talk to you about any of your care staffing solutions.


2. How can I request temporary care staff from Care Connection?

Our trained consultants will respond to any email or telephone requests as soon as possible. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8-5 and we offer out-of-hours support for urgent requests.


3. What qualifications and certifications do your care staff possess?

All staff have mandatory care certificate training courses and we can also do additional e-learning for any specialist training if needed. We offer face to face manual handling for candidates when they register with Care Connection. This is carried out by a ‘train the trainer ‘trained Consultant.


4. How quickly can Care Connection provide temporary care staff for our facility or organisation?

We work quickly to assess our client’s requirements, such as level of experience, type of home, times of shift, and credit check. With availability we could provide staff that same day.


5. What safety measures and protocols does Care Connection have in place?

All of our temps have a minimum of two reference checks, and all are interviewed face to face. We run an enhanced DBS check and our competency checks are completed both face to face and via e-learning. These is mandatory for all of our candidates before they are given an assignment.


6. How does billing and payment work when we hire temporary care staff from Care Connection?

After being set up as a client on our invoice system we will invoice you weekly. Payment terms are within 30 days maximum. We pay temporary workers weekly every Friday.


7. Can we request specific care staff members for recurring assignments?

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and service. We understand that continuity is key to your care provisions for both your residents and permanent team members and can accommodate specific requests.


8. What happens if there is an issue or concern with a care staff member during an assignment?

If there are any issues, please call the office and one of the Consultants will deal with any issues immediately either by phone or in person at the home.


9. Are there long-term partnership opportunities with Care Connection for our healthcare facility or organisation?

Yes, we can agree on set rates as a preferred long-term supplier, we can tailor our recruitment process to your specific needs, we can combine skills and facilities for training opportunities.


10. How can I stay updated on available care staff and job openings from Care Connection?

Your consultant can update you regularly. For additional information please visit our website or follow us on Facebook.

11. What makes Care Connection stand out as a preferred choice for care staffing services?

We are passionate about delivering the right carer/temporary worker to our services.

Regular visits and contact with the home and manager help us to skills match the carer with the home.

Our experienced consultants and industry experienced professionals within our business will ensure all your requirements are met.

We regularly seek feedback on our service and temporary staff, and this enables us to understand your service and needs better.


12. How can I get in touch with your team if I have additional questions or need assistance?

Call your local office team and a Consultant will be able to answer any questions you may have.